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Classes We Offer


Lyrical Dance

Lyrical Dance is a combination of ballet, modern, and jazz dance. It is typically softer and more fluid than jazz, and it allows more freedom and release than ballet. It is very appealing to dancers because lyrical choreography uses popular, commercial music, yet it still incorporates many modern dance principles that help dancers find release and dynamic in their bodies.
We offer classes for ages 5+

Youth Dance Group

Modern and Jazz

Jazz and Modern Theatre Dance can be seen many West-End stage productions. It develops strength and flexibility through the use of powerful dance movements such as high kicks, leaps and turns.

Classes start for students aged 5+

Modern Theatre Dance is highly energetic and enjoyable for students of all ages.

Young Dancers in Ballet Class


For Pre-School children aged 3-4 we offer a fun and exciting nursery ballet class. For children aged 4 and over we follow the ISTD exam syllabus classes from Primary right through to Advanced.

New students will be placed in the appropriate grade for their age and ability. 

All students wear a set uniform to the classes. Do not worry if it's your first lesson as we will advise you what to wear.

Tap Shoes

Tap Dance

The ISTD Tap syllabus helps children to learn a good range of technique through a really fun and exciting form of dance.

Children and students will learn to create rhythm and develop timing through the learning of tap exercises to upbeat music. Children love the opportunity to make a noise and show their personality.

We offer Tap dancing classes for Children aged four upwards.

Grades start at Primary through to Grade 6 as well as vocational exams for advanced students.

Performing Handstand

Acro & Stretch

This class is a favorite among many of our students. Everyone loves the opportunity to develop their acrobatic ability, whilst improving strength and flexibility! Our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets individual attention to ensure a personalised progression.

Happy Dance

Tiny Boppers!

From 18months upwards your little one will love the opportunity to play with our props and equipment whilst also having the chance to dance along to upbeat tunes! There will be time to play, time to dance, and for the adults to have 5mins for a cuppa too!

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